Regulation station: RS 1


The control station has the task of bringing the liquid temperature of the main circuit (boiler) to the adjustable desired value in the secondary circuit (floorheating). The RS 1 is composed of components element and can (with rotating nipples 1 ") connected in a simple way directly to our distribution list for floorheating. The versatility of this control station is particularly evident in the case of systems with mixed circuits: high temperature (radiator system) and low temperature (floor heating). This is the classic case of a residential unit in general. FBH and bathrooms with radiators (towel heat etc.). To carry out this investment, a manifold pair with simple branches for radiators need only be connected at the input of the RS 1.

  1. motorisable valve
  2. Pump ball valve
  3. equalization valve
  4. connection 1“ IG
  5. shut-off valve
  6. Differential by-pass valve, adjustable betw. 0.2 and 0.6 bar
  7. Automatic air vent
  8. Fill- and drainvalve
  9. eccentric screwing for easy connection to the distributor
  10. circulation pump
  11. Thermometer