Dry system / floorheating:TBS-30

The Multitherm Floor Heating Drywall System TBS-30 is characterized by low density and low installation height. TBS-30 is suitable for new or old, and restructuring measures.

  1. Styrofoam plate with a milled groove and heat conducting
  2. Multitherm-composite aluminum
  3. Dry reticles
  4. Tiling
  5. Wood
  6. carpet

Installation instructions

  • The TBS-30 System plates are on a level subfloor, starting from one corner, postponed. 
  • The laying of the heat conducting sheets is given in accordance with the laying distance on the TBS-30 System plates.
  • Laying the Multitherm composite aluminum pipe dimension 16 mm.
  • By heat conducting a complete heating surface is covered transmissions.
  • As a separating layer a corresponding polyethylene film is laid.
  • For load balancing tock screed plates are installed according to DIN 18560.
  • As floor cover serve tile, wood, carpet or another.