Clip guide


Wall heating - wall cooling
A system with dual benefits; i.e. - Heating in winter - cool in summer! Suitable for both new and old buildings, as well as for refurbishment. Regardless of the type of heating or cooling water production. Ideally suited for use with alternative energy sources. No problems with noise, dust raising, etc., or any non-uniform temperature distributions.
  • mild radiant heat
  • good controllability
  • no unsightly radiators 
  • energy saving
  • Time and material savings through low plaster-high
  • brick wall or plaster base as required
  • clip guide (KLS-14 - 16)
  • Multitherm 5-layer PE-RT pipe
  • Plastering (~ 10 mm above the pipe crown top)
  • Lathwork with a mesh size of min. 7mm
  • Total plaster thickness: according to the pipe diameter